What is “GameMasters Guild”?
GameMasters Guild is your local source for all of your gaming needs in North Okaloosa County. We are located Crestview at 743 Ashley Drive just 5 minutes south of the interstate, 1 minute down PJ Adams at the top of the hill under the water tower. If you’re looking for role-playing merchandise and collectible card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and Dungeons & Dragons, look no further! Also, if you’re looking for a certain RPG or another related item, and we don’t have it, we’ll do our very best to get it!  

Do you have a play area?
GameMasters Guild also offers you The Player’s Dungeon – a unique place to play your favorite games in a friendly environment.20151006_185819  We have multiple playing sections to accommodate all your favorite games. We have four private rooms for roleplayers, but easily adapted to other games. Four 4×8 tables for miniature war gaming or other large games. Eighteen tables for nearly any game you can imagine. We even have a dedicated space specifically for collectible card games for both casual and tournament play. With the exception of tournaments and our Premium room, all our play areas are FREE TO PLAY.

The Premium room is fully stocked private players dungeon. It is complete with a full size table and comfortable office style chairs. The table is covered by a chessex mondo-mat (with 1″ squares), the largest wet erase map they make. The room is fully stocked with wet erase markers, a variety of fully illustrated wet erase maps, dozens of miniatures, terrain, paper, and pencils, all at your disposal. The room also sports a cd player and a variety of cds to help you create the atmosphere you want. Three lamps in the room also allow you to turn off the overhead lights and give you more indirect lighting, further enhancing the rooms ambiance and making you feel more like you’re at home than at a store. Wait, you have your own music? Not to worry. The premium room has powerful speakers that you can plug into your phone, tablet, or laptop. Small Accessory tables are available for the dungeon master that needs more room to spread out. Forgot something? The Premium room has a number of books available for use as reference or inspiration. The Premium room is the ONLY play space that has a cost to use.
How much does it cost to use the Premium room?
The Premium room costs only $50.00 to use for the day. If you have a GameMasters Guild Rewards account you can spend 250 XP to use the room for the day. Contact us to reserve your next adventure. (You should contact us at least two weeks in advance for availability and reservations. It is possible to show up and rent the room, but contacting us ahead of time will help ensure the room is available when you are.) The room is subject to availability depending on current store events.

Do you allow outside food and drink?
Yes! Feel free to grab a quick meal from your favorite fast food or pizza place. You can even have your favorite pizza delivered to the store. If you run out of fuel we have a vast assortment of drinks and snacks for you to choose from. The best selection in Northwest Florida!

What payment types do you accept?
You can pay for your purchases in the store with cash, debit, or credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  Because we process cards through Square, there is a $1.00 minimum for card transactions.  For phone or email orders, we also accept PayPal or can send an invoice through Square.  No personal checks accepted at any time.

Do offer any discounts?
We know that you work hard for your money and that every dollar is important.  That is why we offer a discount program that costs you nothing. No monthly cost. No spam. Nothing but savings. Every dollar you spend earns you one XP. These points can be saved up and spent on great in-store savings. Even if you are not a regular, anyone who comes to GMG can be a member.  Download the GameMasters Guild Rewards app for your Andriod or iPhone! You can earn rewards even if you order products through us and have them shipped to you. Be sure to ask us!

Do you buy Magic: The Gathering card collections?
We do occasionally buy CCG collections of all types but this is done solely at our option on a case by case basis with condition playing a huge factor.  We have a massive library of CCGs and frequently many collections contain thousands of cards we already have.  Please bring your collection by for evaluation.  At our option we may recommend you sell some of your cards through our generous consignment program.  Please ask us about it!

Do you trade Magic: The Gathering cards?
Trading is done on a case-by-case basis, and we rarely do it.

Do you sell Magic: The Gathering singles?
You bet we do! All of our MTG singles are sorted by set, color and alphabetized.  Our other CCGs are sorted in a similar manner.

Do you sell sports cards?
No, and we have no plans of selling sports cards anytime in the future. We mainly deal with collectible card games, role-playing games and accessories, and other RPG and Sci-Fi collectible merchandise.

Do you buy anything else?
Yes!  Due to the nature of our business we are interested in looking at anything that is related to what we do.  Such purchases are done solely at our option on a case by case basis with condition playing a huge factor.  Please come by, call, or send us an email with your questions.  At our option we may recommend you sell some of your items through our generous consignment program.  Please ask us about it!

There is a product I’m looking for, but you don’t have it. Can you order it?
Just let us know what the item is. If it’s available through one of our distributors, then we can most likely order it. We usually perform our ordering on one of the days we are closed. However, please only ask us to order something if you are serious about buying it. If it is something that we would not normally stock, we may have to ask for a pre-payment in full before we order it.  If you see any items that are to be released, like a new sourcebook for an RPG or a new Warhammer army that you just must have, you can pre-order these items, and we would contact you once we have them in stock.

Can I order a product from you online?
Not at this time.  However, you are welcome to contact us  by phone or email with your order request.  If we have it in stock , we will notify you of the price and the cost of shipping.  Orders can be paid by Paypal, credit card over the phone, or a postal money order by mail.  Any orders paid by money order will be held until monies are received.  Believe it or not, we have shipped items all across the country and the globe!  Yes, we can ship internationally, but shipping arrangements must be made in advance, as various carriers and shipping methods can be very costly.  Additionally, we are restricted as to what types of products we can ship internationally.  If you are not in the United States, please contact us before ordering.

Are you hiring? I would love to work at GameMasters Guild!
We know MANY people would love to work at a gaming store.   We are not currently hiring at this time.

I bought an item, and I’m not satisfied with it. What is your return policy?
Most sales are final due to the nature of our products. There are NO REFUNDS, RETURNS, or EXCHANGES on any opened sealed product of collectible cards or miniatures with randomized boosters or starter packs, any single cards, and all used RPG books.  New RPG books and other non-sealed products may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of purchase with a receipt.  If the product being returned or exchanged looks used, we reserve the right to issue a refund/exchange for a lesser value than the purchase price.  If you are wondering about the return policy of any specific product, please ask us in person at the time of purchase.

There is a problem with this website, or there is a broken link. Who do I contact to fix it?
If you are having problems accessing certain parts of this website, contact our webmaster at gmgcrestview@aol.com.  Whenever the website is updated, all pages are usually tested to ensure all information is correct and all links are working. However, the webmaster is human, too. 🙂